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Who is the idiosyncratic enigma?

Easy to remember and hard to forget — at least to himself — Steve’s musical journey began when he started at a new school halfway through the eighth grade. One day into his first week at his new school mandatory music class rolled around on a sunny afternoon and a trumpet, an instrument he'd never played or had any interest in before, was thrust into his hands.

He wasn’t a natural. He was very bad at it. But he persevered. He took lessons. He worked hard. He eventually studied music at Humber College. But — halfway through his second year he came to a realization — he was never going to be a particularly good trumpet player. Also, the trumpet made his teeth hurt and his lips swell up. It was an imperfect pairing.

After music school he decided to focus his energy on guitar and songwriting. Guitar, being a more practical instrument, enabled him to sing and play at the same time (Something that was previously impossible with the trumpet.) He wrote a few songs and made an attempt at writing and recording. But those days were not welcoming to independent musicians who aspired to produce professional quality music without the backing of a corporation or a trust fund.

He abandoned his songwriting aspirations for quite some time.

Over the years he dabbled in various musical endeavours. Most recently he played bass guitar in a Celtic/punk band named Summer of ’92. The band went on hiatus. In the meantime he decided to write and record his own music. Stylistically his music is more like synth-pop than it is to the style of Summer of ‘92’s music.

And so — here we are.

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